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Who is Stephen J. Feldman?
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In 2003 Steve opened Feldman Criminal Defense in Chicago, IL. The practice is general in nature with an emphasis on criminal defense and DUI defense. In his law practice Steve has engaged in motion practice and has tried many cases in both civil and criminal court. In 2011 Steve was named a “Rising Star” in Super Lawyers Magazine as an “Outstanding Young Lawyer in the area of Criminal Defense.”

Hearing Officer

From 2005 – 2015 Steve was also engaged as a Hearing Officer in the Administrative Hearings Department of the Illinois Secretary of State. During his tenure, Steve presided over more than 1,000 contested formal administrative hearings. At each hearing, the issue was to determine whether each individual Petitioner should regain driving privileges that have previously been suspended or revoked.

Law Professor

In 2011, Steve returned to his Alma Mater, The John Marshall Law School, as an Adjunct Professor where he teaches Trial Advocacy. In Steve’s course the students are taught the theory underlying the preparation and presentation of a jury trial; how to develop a theory of a case; and skills training in trial advocacy including: jury selection; opening statements; witness examination; motion practice and closing arguments.

Stephen J. Feldman’s Philosophy

Every Case Is Important

Every case is important and should be handled with great care and attention. A judge should follow the law, treat every person who appears in a courtroom, whether they are a lawyer or a member of the public, with dignity and respect and give every person a full and complete opportunity to be heard.

A judge holds an extremely important position in our government. Judges are entrusted with a great deal of responsibility and are often called upon to make important and difficult decisions that have a significant impact on a person’s life. As such, judges are held to a higher standard by the public as well as the legal community.

My experiences as a criminal lawyer in chicago, Hearing Officer and Law Professor have provided me with the experiences and skill set necessary to serve as an honorable and respected member of our judiciary.

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